Panel Discussion


Queer Pendulum


In conversation with Ruaa Al-Rikabi, graduating artists Isabella Catenaro, Jakob Perrett, Lucy Nguyễn-Hunt, and Rhanjell Villanueva discuss the importance of diverse Queer representation, locating themselves and other Queer-identifying bodies through art.

Artist Talks

Saturday 28th November

Ruaa Al-Rikabi & Lucy Nguyen-Hunt
In the Stu / Artist Talks

See Ruaa and Lucy’s collaborative artwork here

Bella Deary
In the Stu / Artist Talks

See more of Bella’s artworks here

Zara Dudley
In the Stu / Artist Talks

See more of Zara’s artwork here

Jasmine Megson
In the Stu / Artist Talks

See more of Jasmine’s artwork here

Artist Talks

Saturday 21st November

Charlee Carthew-De Looze
In the Stu / Artist Talks

See more of Charlee’s artwork here

Georgia Hayward
In the Stu / Artist Talks

See more of Georgia’s artworks here

Rhanjell Villanueva
In the Stu / Artist Talks

See more of Rhanjell’s artworks here

Lillian Whitaker
In the Stu / Artist Talks

See more of Lillian’s artworks here

Virtual Screening

Nicola Holtham
Sever and Protect
4:17 mins

In this performance video Sever and Protect, a tentative relationship is forged between body and object as they evolve equally as a support and an obstruction for one another.

Read more about Nicola’s artworks here

Nicholas Tossman
Subjective Artist

2:00 mins

Subjective Artist displays a series of questions imposed over the artist’s body, highlighting the complex relationship viewers’ perceptions, the artwork and the artist.

Read more about Nicholas’ artworks here

Zara Dudley
Ribboning III
3:23 mins

Performed within the installation carol & clover (2020), this work explores the tender wrapping of satin ribbon onto the body, as a sense of private healing and ritual is observed.

Read more about Zara’s artworks here

Lillian Whitaker
Petri Dish
4:47 mins

Exploring concepts of parasitism and destructive disease in bee species, Petri Dish slowly alters between golden beeswax and monochromatic ink drawings, to symbolise viral mutation.

Read more about Lillian’s artworks here

Bella Deary
829.8 Metres
3:48 mins

This video poem aims to highlight the minuscule amount of space humans occupy in comparison to the impact we have on the planet.

Read more about Bella’s artworks here